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Thula Thu is an African (South African; Zulu lullaby)

If you are South African you know this song…

I feel Africa in my heart & soul when hearing this song.

It makes me think of being a mom in tough times.

It makes me feel the calmness that only a mother’s love can give…

It gives me that “I am home” feeling!

“Thula thu, thula baba thula sana
Thul’ u bab’ uzobuya ekuseni.
Thula thu, thula mtwana thula sana
Thul’u bab’ uzobuya enthabeni.

Sobe si khona a baye beshoyo
Bethi buyela u buye le khaya
Sobe si khona a baye beshoyo,
Bethi buya mtwana ubuye le khaya

Thula thula, thula sana
Thula thula, thula baba
Thula thula, thula mtwana
Thula thula, thula ba…”

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